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Powerful features. Simple to use.

From capturing properties, nurturing leads, following-up on and closing sales, Vega real estate software streamlines every step of the process.
Create - publish properties
Upload your entire real estate portfolio to your Vega including property photos, floor plans, specifications, location, marketing collateral, and more.  Integrate with real estate portals and marketplaces to instantly advertise your properties worldwide.
Innovative - intuitive portals
Use the client portal to give customers secure access to all their property information, including progress photos, floor plans, contracts, and payments due. Via the agent portal, your agents have access to sales & marketing collateral and property information. 
Keep track of your activities
Use the  Vega Real Estate software to track all client-related sales activities. View email communication,  schedule viewings,  their outcome in one central location.
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Powerful Real Estate Features

Every most optimized features are integrated into Vega Real Estate to help you manage your Real Estate system.

Powerful Media System
Built-in media system, easy to manage files/images on UI.
Multi language support
Unlimited languages support.
Google Analytics Tools
You can see Google Analytics data directly in the admin dashboard.
Powerful Permission System
Able to set roles/permissions for each admin user.


Social Login
Google Maps
Map Features
Advanced Search
Half Map Page
Property Detail Page
Email Management
Listing Submissions
Front-end Dashboard

Search engine optimization/SEO

Adjust the settings of your store to comply with search engines through the property description and keywords targeted by your business
Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in search results. A tool helps you Improving our search engines (SEO) for real estate to get higher search results, which It means that more natural / unpaid / visits go to your properties via the internet

  • URL search engine-friendly
  • Sitemap
  • Translatable URLs
  • Detailed page order/Breadcrumb
  • Create private URLs
  • Compatibility and integration with Google Analytics

Ad page management (Landing Page)

A web page created to help you convert visitors to this page into potential customers.
Because it provides you with a way to send customer information, through a data submission form.
The landing page may be a page introducing a real estate project, or a property for sale or rent.

  • Add a separate page for a specific property
  • Show the assigned property on the map
  • Pictures of the property
  • Real estate videos
  • Estate plan
  • Upload a PDF
  • Metadata and keyword management for each page separately.
  • Dynamic URL generation for pages.
  • Appointment management.
  • Sharing content on social media.